Recruiting Software & Client Tracking System When It Comes Down To Current Business

Simplicant’s hiring pc software platform and applicant monitoring program supply a modern and less complicated way of employing ability more quickly and cost-effectively. Look for best ability from multiple sources, organize and arrange interviews, handle ability relationships to make data-driven employing conclusion.


A total and easy-to-use recruiting software platform designed for the present day enterprise to remove hiring issues and support employment funnel control.

Works look for talent from multiple sources quickly

Customizable in order to satisfy your specific organizational requirements

Engages your personnel inside contracting techniques and helps create efficient, data-driven decisions


Hiring groups, hour workers, control, staff members, applicants, stakeholders and Simplicant’s hiring applications: a winning mix.

Business and preparing

Simplicant supplies a frictionless recruitment processes, from design obvious tasks summaries to sleek interview techniques. Incorporate the information to map out a strategy for the employing procedure & achieve the greatest ROI in your recruitment management software. Take advantage of an on-line system that conveniently aligns the custom steps on a single system and keeps track of the prospect along the various employing phases. Organize anything with this custom workflows while enhancing the applicant tracking. Bring every work uploading internally examined by the group before publishing it on the web. Simplicant helps make the entire acceptance procedure effortless and streamlined.

Choice Sourcing

Simplicant makes tasks publishing an easy job through the comprehensive hiring pc software. Promote brand-new requisitions on web tasks boards including Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. in just a few clicks and jumpstart your own sourcing efforts. With easy integrations with respected social networking sites, publishing opportunities in your providers’s personal content was automatic and reduces the stress on the employing teams to enable them to give attention to distinguishing the second fantastic hire. With Simplicant’s reference component, managing a company-wide roll-out of your employee reference program becomes extremely effortless. Today keep track of all incoming recommendations, regulate your own ability swimming pool, and present a shout out to your own top reference members.

Labeled Jobs Webpage

Outshine your competition with branded work content created by Simplicant that influence your own employer brand and services draw in the very best ability. Enable prospects to quickly scan the available jobs with a jobs webpage that will be mobile-friendly and makes it very simple when considering submitting an on-line program. Accumulating applicant information at every action associated with the hiring techniques with customizable web-based forms lets the employing teams display and position applicants at a faster size and automate the whole procedure.

Applicant Assessment

Simplify your Hiring techniques with Simplicant’s intelligent Candidate assessment System. Make your screening procedure quicker with computerized levels considering candidate’s details and rank them considering their unique application score. Through our dashboard, HR executives can send added assessment inquiries during any phase of the employing procedure and ask for files from applicants, signatures or details essential for their particular examination in recruiting funnel.

Controlling Their Ability Pipeline

Helping you create robust candidate profiles by integrating all software paperwork such as resumes, cover characters, social networking pages, applicant responses and notes in one single dash. Simplicant’s hiring computer software keeps a built-in messaging platform that streamlines inner telecommunications between contracting executives, hour team and exterior employers. The collective task-based approach enables smart projects management such as producing and assigning work, setting up notifications also work deadlines therefore the whole employees is found on track. Utilizing the leading edge strong search, get detailed suggestions each applicant, filter and screen them through advanced level strain.

Interview Control

Making meeting processes management hassle-free for your entire employees by automating the scheduling. Coordinate energy with interviewers within Simplicant by integrating work calendars to maneuver everybody towards a typical goal. With interview boxes, their interviews has quick access to all the the appropriate candidate suggestions, making the whole process successful and goal-oriented. Simplicant’s recruiting pc software allows you to ask additional information at any period in the meeting processes with integral templates. Utilizing mobile-friendly scorecards for interview suggestions collection transforms the experience into a target and streamlined techniques.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Information is master! With scorable personnel assessment types an internet-based solutions, data-driven choice turns out to be a habit of your hour staff and helps to make the entire contracting procedure aim. With organized information and organized ideas designed for each candidate, Simplicant eliminates the possibility of the employing teams passing up on top skill. Simplicant allows you to easily determine the proper prospect within skill swimming pool. With a standardized rating device, contrasting and score all applicants becomes easier. Your contracting downline can collaborate and essential stakeholders can quickly thought facts to help make a hiring decision.

Tasks Gives

Create quick behavior and save time when it comes to job grants. Have endorsement from inner stakeholders using the provide acceptance workflow that catches every feedback resulting in spared some time efficient applicant recognition.With top ability on the go, sending electronic present characters is vital to your own employing achievements. With Simplicant’s integration with respected e-signature company DocuSign, the past action regarding the hiring processes is efficient and results in faster approval through the candidates.

Onboard Brand-new Hires

Untangle the crucial action of the latest staff onboarding by digitizing the entire onboarding processes. Simplicant’s recruiting software enables you to build custom onboarding kinds which can be electronically provided for candidates and loaded online. With e-signature integration, the recruiting personnel saves plenty of time with a structured and effective processes. Generate onboarding a wonderful experiences for your new workforce. With pre-saved online forms, particularly business verification and income tax withholding forms, the process easily moves forward plus the new staff member is actually effective as soon as possible.

Data Control

Control all your hour papers, themes, staff member handbooks and team paperwork in a purpose-built Document administration module in Simplicant’s recruiting software for fast and simple accessibility. With affect storage, the contracting staff can deliver paperwork to applicants via email without making the computer leading to increased efficiency and steady email chatting across all channels. Access offer paperwork inside cloud hiring applications, send out with a few presses and simplify your complete contracting process.

Revealing and Employment Analytics

The effective hiring techniques needs tracking appropriate stats and metrics to simply help your employing teams render fast conclusion. With statistics baked throughout Simplicant, examining your progress gets simple. To create data-driven hiring behavior, Simplicant helps your company identify regions of improvement. Effortlessly export recruiting facts into pdf or excel style for stakeholders analysis. Significant executing teams rely on Simplicant in terms of recruiting processes progress. Timely states keep groups going to the goal of best skill acquisition.

Control Your Account

Configure the Simplicant’s hiring program online to match your companies hiring objectives. With enterprise-grade consumer access roles, you could incorporate the entire team during the employment process without having to concern yourself with privacy. With flexible configurations, every consumer can configure e-mail alerts, system preferences and simply incorporate a common jobs calendar for seamless meeting scheduling. From storing layouts, saving personalized workflows, to integrating with respected companies software, Simplicant offers a modern employment control software developed to raise your contracting overall performance ultimately.

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